Goa Dairy to seek govt grants


The ailing Goa Dairy is considering seeking grants from the government to infuse life in the loss-making venture even as a hike in the price of the cattle feed is also on the cards with the newly constructed cattle feed plant awaiting commissioning.

The chairman of the Goa Dairy, Mr Shrikant Naik, informed that the cattle feed produced by the Goa Dairy is of much better quality than that manufactured in Maharashtra or even in Karnataka, yet we are charging  just a meagre Rs 12.80 per kilogram while the same is being sold in neighbouring states at Rs 17 and 18 per kilogram.
Mr Naik said that Goa Dairy is suffering huge losses in the manufacture of the cattle feed, and added that a hike in price is necessary.
He further said that the Goa Dairy is also contemplating seeking financial aid from the government on the lines of financial grants given to Kadamba Transport Corporation.
When contacted, the Minister for Co-operation, Mr Deepak Dhavlikar,
informed that though there is no proposal from the state government to give any financial grants to Goa Dairy, the dairy can approach the government for financial support. [NT]