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The Goa Foundation, which the Times of India once called Goa's premier environmental monitoring group, was registered in 1986 as a trust. Its trustees comprise individuals from different parts of Goa who are individually committed to protecting the Goan environment and the Goan quality of life.

The Foundation was set up because the trustees – who include a number of activists and academics – felt it was time Goa had an independent, research-based group that would concentrate on studies relating to the Goan ecosystem. More particularly, the trustees felt the organization should evaluate the environmental impact of government and private activities within the state and also act as a watchdog for the Goan public on such issues.

From the Foundation's inception, the trustees opted for research that would lead to action in the public interest. They felt that armchair or purely academic research, while it had its own relevance, was very often of little direct use for the ordinary Goan's problems of survival.

One of the Foundation's first public actions was to file a successful public interest litigation against the extraction of sand from the south Goa beaches for industrial use. This inaugurated a long list of public interest cases and petitions on environmental issues.

After the sand dune petition, the Foundation filed a petition against the wrongful constitution of the new Goa State Pollution Control Board, and succeeded in compelling the government to modify the Board. When the Cortalim chlorine gas disaster occurred, it was the Foundation's staff which visited the site, took pictures and surveyed the victims. It later helped the victims file a petition in the High Court for damages.

Today, the Foundation has more than eighty public interest cases pending before the High Court and the Supreme Court on a wide range of issues including protection of beaches and forests, pollution control, wildlife protection, aquaculture, mining and implementation of environmental laws. See National Environment Policy (NEP)

The Foundation has till today accepted no funds either from private or foreign funding agencies.

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