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We have said this umpteen times and we would like to say it again. Monsoons are not a time for ‘off season’ in Goa anymore, but another season, that may not be as busy as the peak tourist season, but one that bears a different yet unique charm and vibe. The monsoons have officially arrived and brought with them a joie de vivre that makes this season a great time to be in Goa. The state has adorned the most vivid hues of green and has assumed its most beautiful natural form with the water bodies across the state swelling in size. Let’s just say, those of you who stay away during this time of the year because it is ‘off season’ time, do not know what Goa has in store for those who love it and live it 365 days a year.We love food and have learnt to not trust those who don’t. While the monsoons may make a few iconic restaurants and pubs slip into hibernation around this time of the year, there are quite a few whose idea of a break involves a short siesta between two sessions of hard work. A lot of restaurants known for their signature elements or offerings, stay open during the monsoons to cater to those who love being in Goa during this time of the year. Burger Factory in Morjim, best known for being run by Shweta Salve and her husband Hermit Sethi, is unfortunately shut temporarily but if tasty burgers is what you fancy, then the one in Anjuna is open. Similarly, Antares, best known for Sarah Todd’s products of labour, is shut for the rains but Thalassa, situated a few steps away, is open and is enjoying steady patronage from people from all over the world. In the south, Boomerang in Colva is open and a new entrant located a few metres away, by the name of Uzzo Grill and Café, is creating quite a stir.
For the creatures of the night, there is good news. Almost all the nightclubs and pubs are open. With the exception of Cape Town Café that is temporarily shut for renovation, the other usual suspects like Club Tito’s, Mambo’s, Kamaki are keeping the action along the Tito’s lane in Baga alive. The Wednesday and Saturday nights at Cohiba have witnessed no change whatsoever – you will still have to be there nice and early to secure a place for yourself to stand. A few metres away, SinQ and Showbar are continuing to take in crowds in huge numbers. The Showbar Exchange Nights on Fridays have proved to be a massive success and if inexpensive alcohol at a place with great ambience and crowd is what you seek, then you should head to this place today. Do not forget to wear your dancing shoes and join those on the dance floor at Cavala in Baga. Nothing about their Friday nights has changed – they are still as awesome as they were years ago.So there you have it. A few places may have shut for the showers but the action most definitely hasn’t. Regardless of what you want to do – wine, dine, shake a leg or slip into a trance, the options are aplenty. Take your pick. [H]

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