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Goa gets a taste of Jharkhand’s culture

Panaji: Considering the steady growth of the Goan film industry, Jharkhand has opened its arms to a future collaboration between the two states to create cinema.”In the past few years, Goa has done a great job with films and the industry is slowly growing. Their experiences are valuable to us which can help us while making our films,” said Amar Kumar Bauri, art and culture minister, Jharkhand. He was speaking at the inaugural of the Johar Jharkhand Art and Film Festival being held in Panaji.Films and cultural programmes will the centre focus for the collaboration between Jharkhand and Goa, said Goa art and culture minister Govind Gaude. “This innovative idea is to further the cultural exchange between Goa and Jharkhand,” he said. Under the central government programme ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, the government of Jharkhand in association with the government of Goa has organized this festival at Inox courtyard, Panaji, till May 27.Gaude and Bauri were not to miss out on the fun at the festival and actively participated in the folk arts of Jharkhand. Gaude played the percussion and even tapped his feet to the tunes of Jharkhand’s folk dance, Sadri.  “The western and eastern regions of India have a rich cultural heritage which we intend to bring out through this collaboration. The food and dress habits of both these cultures are being exchanged through the festival,” Gaude said.The three day festival will feature 14 short films in Jhakhand’s regional languages, folk arts and traditional dances of the east Indian state. [TOI]

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