Goa, Karnataka talk to solve fishing issues


A meeting between the fisheries ministers of Goa and Karnataka along with fishing associations of the two states here on Tuesday agreed on a broad understanding on various aspects, including ban on bull trawling. The meeting was held at Hotel Nanutel here this evening, which was represented by State Fisheries Minister, Avertano Furtado, with his Director Nandkishore Verlekar and his Karnataka counterpart Anand V Asnotikar. The meeting comes against the backdrop of complaints lodged by local boat owners of fishing by Karnataka trawlers using high-speed boats.
After the meeting, Avertano said that boat owners from the two states have arrived at a broad understanding vis-a-vis fishing activity. He said there was concern raised over bull trawling and fishing by high-speed engines. “It was agreed upon that boat owners would not resort to bull trawling and avoid high-speed engines for fishing. Besides, an understanding was reached that fishing vessels will not fish close to the coast,” Avertano said. [H]