Goa medical college in talks with Goa infrastructure development body on subway use


The pedestrian subway outside the Goa medical college and hospital (GMC) complex at Bambolim could soon be used for the purpose it was built. Efforts are currently on motivate people to use the subway to reach the other side of the highway, rather than cross the highway by running across the road and also to get the shops in the subway opened for business. Built some five years back by Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) and designed to convert the space into a shopping complex, the subway has remained unused till date. Vendors operating outside the GMC premises are willing to move from their prime location. There are 26 shops in the subway which GSIDC had attempted to tender in the past but failed to receive any response. GMC administration director Swapnil Naik said they have had a meeting with GSIDC officials in a bid to have shops used. [TOI]