Goa’s budget session from March 18


 The 28-day budget session of the Goa legislative assembly will begin at 11.30am on March 18, 2013, according to an order issued by Goa governor B V Wanchoo.
Sources in the legislature said it will be a full session where the budget will be presented and also passed.
Governments, earlier, often took vote on account and got the budget passed in a subsequent session of the assembly. The budget session will mainly see financial business and discussions will be held on individual departments. The details of the business will, however, be finalized by the business advisory committee of the house comprising the speaker of the legislative assembly, deputy speaker, the chief minister, opposition leader and party leaders.It is too early to say if any legislation will be passed in the budget session but it is likely that the Goa Lokayukta Act, which was recently amended in the last assembly session, may again be amended. After a backlash of public opinion against the harsh penalties for false and frivolous complaints, the chief minister has indicated that he is agreeable to changing these.
The government has also been toying with another contentious legislation in the form of the Goa khazan land development board bill. The draft of this was recently finalized by the irrigation department and the department has also received opinions and suggestions on this from the public. Some NGOs have also expressed apprehension that this bill, if passed, will empower the government to acquire and sell khazan land to the real estate lobby.
The draft has been sent to the government but whether it will be presented in the forthcoming assembly in the form of a bill remains to be seen. [TOI]