Goa’s Liberation by India, ANIMATION !!

Prelude to the attack … Some background information

1498 Vasco da Gama lands in Calicut on the west coast of India
1510 Alfonso Albuquerque captures coastal region of Goa
1787 "Pinto Rebellion" by Goan priests is brutally crushed
1755-1910 The "Rane" rebellion
1910 Portugal becomes a democratic republic
1924 Military coupe in Portugal
1928 "Goa National Congress" is established by Dr. Tristao Braganza.
1947 India Gains independence from Britain.
1948 Goans demonstrating for independence are attacked by police.
1949 Indian Government establishes diplomatic relations with Portugal
1950 India sends delegation to Portugal to negotiate Portuguese withdrawal from India. Portugal refuses to discuss the matter
1950 French withdraw from Indian colonies.
1953 Diplomatic ties between India and Portugal are cut.
1954 Indians in Portuguese controlled pockets near Bombay peacefully overthrow Portuguese administration and join India.
1955 Unarmed demonstrators enter Goa from India. 22 demonstrators shot dead, 225 injured, 38 very seriously. Pressure grows on Indian Prime Minister Nehru to take stronger action against Portugal.
1960 Portugal under its dictator Salazar declares its Indian territories are not colonies, but a part of metropolitan Portugal and therefore are an internal matter and not subject to U.N. guidelines.
Nov 24, 1961 Indian merchant ship Sabarmati fired upon near Portuguese controlled island of Anjidive Island. This claim is denied by Portugal. Nehru decides on military intervention.