Goan Community

A large fraction of the Goan community in N. America and Europe (primarily the U.K.), used to be settled in E. Africa. With the onset of independence in these African countries in the late 1960s’, many Goans (as well as other Indians and foreigners) decided to leave Africa (or were booted out by Idi Amin of Uganda). Toronto is believed to have the largest expatriate Goan community. Most of the Goan community in the UK , N.America and Australia have become permanent residents there.

The pattern in the Middle East is different. Because of local laws, the Goan community cannot permanently settle there. They usually go to the middle-east on a temporary basis due to favourable economic conditions in the oil rich nations. Some use the middle-east as a stepping stone towards entering the west. Most return to Goa after completing their jobs.

Common to all these communities are their Goan organizations and their accompanying social events. To find out about the various associations, please click on the Associations link below. Want to find out how you can help promote computer literacy in Goa? Then check out the Computers for Goan Schools Project.