Goan Egg Curry

Goan Egg Curry

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use Hardboiled eggs – 8nos
Use Onions – 4nos
Use Garlic – 12flakes
Use Ginger – 2"piece
Use Kashmiri Chillies – 10nos
Use Cumin – 3/4tsp
Use Peppercorns – 1tsp
Use Groundnut oil – 1/3cup
Use Split Green chillies – 4nos
Use Sugar – 1tbs
Use Salt – to taste
Use Thick tamarind pulp – 1tbs
Use Vinegar


Grind half quantity of onion, garlic and ginger together with a little vinegar. Keep aside.
Grind the remaining onions, garlic, ginger with kashmiri chillies, cumin and peppercorn with a little vinegar separately.
Heat oil and add onion, ginger garlic paste. Sauté till light brown colour. Add the second lot of ground masala and saute well till the the gravy stops sticking to the pan.
Add 1 cup water and cook on a low heat. While the water reduces to half, add green chilli, sugar, tamarind and eggs. Simmer till the gravy thickens.