Simply put it is a type of music of black American origin which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. Characterised by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm, its music which has resonated over ages and across generations
It is a genre of music that has a small following but yes a very passionate following. In Goa, the genre of music is popular and has helped provide employment to scores of musicians over the ages in the hind film industry. Over the weekend, the Goa Jazz Academy band comprising Goan youth aged in their twenties stole the honours on the second and concluding evening of the 6th Jazz India Circuit Goa at the International Centre Goa (ICG) Dona Paula on Sunday.The band comprising of JesherunD’Cruz (bass guitar), Swizel Costa (saxophone), Satya Nunes (guitar), Ackley Araujo (drums) and Clifton Sequeira (piano) made everybody sit up and take notice of their fresh, new talent as they belted out jazz and Blues numbers with practiced ease.Karan Khosla, director of the academy, and himself a very good talent who has moved to Goa and giving back in his best way said, “The student band has been training very hard for this event and I am extremely happy that they have performed so well tonight.” Karan said “we have four batches and we have a new batch every two months. The young musicians learn to improvise, solo,trade, play rhythm, harmony and melodyIn addition very importantly to play with other musicians. The also learn how to play a tune i.e with a metronome. The young musicians, Karan said were treated with much respect. When they improvised, the audience who knew their music showed their appreciation.Swizel Costa from Majorda who played the saxophone at the show is like many of the musician’s adept of another instrument too. She played the violin for seven years and then took up the saxophone two years ago. She said “I took up and also the saxophone because of my growing interest in jazz. It is a very interesting instrument and the journey has been fascinating. I love listening to Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and yes Bill Evans”. She intends to take it up professionally and wants to continue teaching the violin which she does in Panjim”.Clifton Siqueira who played the keyboards also plays the flute has kept learning from a very young age and says he maps the flute like a keyboard. He practises a total of three hours day on both the instruments and is a huge fan of Bill Evans. He intends to focus on the keys and has till date no original material. He intends to get more engrossed in the jazz scene and continue to be a music teacher in both the instruments.The man who kept it tight through the set,Ackley Araujo started practising ona drum kit his father had purchased for the family. hoping that some cousin or son of his would learn it. Ackley has some way to go but is considered very promising and is inspired by Dave Weckl, Nike Fortright, Chris Coleman and the drummer of Santana. He has been playing for twelve years but barely two professionally. He would like to do this professionally and hopes to compose his own music someday.Karan said more shows like this were scheduled to be held and this show was an indication of the talent present. But if this is a sample, the future of Jazz is Goa, performed by Goans looks really bright [H]

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