Goans in Delhi

GOENKARANCHI EKVOT is a registered organisation of Goans residing in Delhi and the adjoining states, with the aim of promoting the social and cultural advancement of Goans — irrespective of their religion, caste, creed and community, as well as to arrange activities related to the promotion of Goan culture and tradition. With the objective of promoting Goan handicrafts and culture, the body will organise a ten day festival in September 2001. It will be called the 'Goa Festival' and will depict various aspects of Goan life and culture at the Goa Sadan in New Delhi. President Mrs Suman Kurade said it would be exclusively a Goan affair, by Goans, to promote Goa handicrafts alongwith Executive member Goan music and Goan food. There will be an exhibition and sale of Goan handicrafts, such as coir, terracota, she-shell articles, carved as well as hand-knitted articles, etc. Embassies and corporate houses are being approached for the promotion campaign. A Goan troupe to promote Goan folk-art, along with Goan bands, will entertain people during the festival. The Goenkarancho Ekvott-Delhi also has on its agenda the setting up of a 'Goa Information Centre' which it hopes will cater to the need to get information about Goan culture and the history of Goa, and maintain Goan literature in Delhi for the public. "We have requested the Goa government to make a provision in the Goa Sadan to provide Goan ethnic food to the public as all other states in Delhi do," said Ms Kurade.
Contacts of Goankaranchi Ekvott (Delhi), a society registered under No. S
38 657. Redg office: B168 East of Kailash, New Delhi 110 065. Phone 68 48
961 or 631 33 91.
President Suman Kurade, Delhi         631 33 91 / 684 49 61
Vice President Joe Mendonca        646 18 72 / 643 11 46
Treasurer Rocky Furtado            461 72 78 / 683 59 45
Secretary Dharmanand Kamat        528 08 64
Joint Secretary Triveni Potekar        649 14 64
Executive member Fr Bento Rodrigues    685 92 83
Executive member Mohita Marathe        460 31 94
Executive member Agnelo Miranda        573 74 46
Executive member Dr (Ms) S Karapurkar    694 96 36
Executive member Dominic Fernandes    247 08 59
Executive member Ramesh Sardesai    685 64 80
Executive member Seby Fernandes        247 13 89
Executive member M Korgaonkar        272 37 78
Executive member R V Mayenkar        689 78 70
Executive member John Pacheco        701 66 64