Going to a mega show for entertainment? pay more


Your entertainment will get costlier because the government wants to tax you for enjoying your life!
Whether you want to shake your leg at any of the gigs, sit and watch a musical performance or on a boat cruise which are all ticketed! An entertainment tax of 25 per cent will be charged on ticketed sales at events having a crowd of over 2,000 people.
Thus a mechanism to monitor sale of tickets to big events will be done through commercial tax department. Organisers have to obtain prior permission where the crowd capacity exceeds 2,000 persons, except in cases of marriages and religious ceremonies. "The tickets shall be sold under due authorization and seal of the commercial tax department," chief minister Manohar Parrikar said in his budget speech.
Event management companies will have to deposit the entertainment tax payable on the estimated ticketed sales in advance. Refund if any or payment of dues shall be settled within seven days from the end of the event.
A provision of issuing pre-authenticated tickets as presently applicable to casinos entry fees, will be extended to discotheques, boat cruises, river cruises, night clubs, dance performances, musical performances, theatrical performances including cultural programmes and ballets.
Henceforth, visitors to casinos will have to be prepared to pay a huge fine if found without an entry ticket. She/he will be slapped with penalty ten times of the entry fee charged along with a casino operator. This, only if it is implemented properly.
The chief minister said that the present penalty provision for non-issue of entry tickets for casino entry is not adequate. Hence, the heavy penalty. Offshore casinos charge Rs 500 as entry fee per head. This penalty charged to visitor without a ticket will be independently enforced on the spot. The amendment to this effect will be carried out shortly, Parrikar said. [TOI]