GOs pick holes in ODPs for Taleigao, Panaji, Mapusa


 NGOs and stakeholders have come together to object the outline development plans of Taleigao, Panaji and Mapusa which will be opened to public for corrections or rectifications.
However, no progress is discernable on a new TCP Act to replace the outdated one still in place, or finalisation of the rectification in the Regional Plan 2021 as promised by the present political dispensation in power. The regional plan file is said to be lying with the government.
Sources informed that NGOs were in touch with North Goa Planning & Development Authority and are pushing for guidelines for revision of the ODPs to be finalised or notified and adopted by the PDA before opening the ODP 2011 for Taleigao, Panaji and Mapusa and that all statutory provisions of the CRZ notifications, the Forest Conservation Act, be made mandatory.
ODPs have been sought to be kept out of the purview of the regional plan though they constitute a substantial part of the state’s land mass and there has been a strong demand for inclusive bottom up planning and inclusion of the ODPs areas in the RPs.
Sources also informed that a demand was made that all eco tourism zones be withdrawn from the final RP 2021 and inserted on case-by-case basis after submission of detailed proposals and panchayat bodies consulted.
So insertions like marinas, marine industrial park, golf course, and resort in ‘Eco-Sensitive Zone-I’ and CRZ areas is sought to be removed. And any land-use changes should be with the prior written concurrence of GCZMA, NIO and departments of Water Resources, Forests, or Fisheries.
The North Goa Planning and Development Authority notification had specified that the government has decided to issue guidelines to affect such minor changes/rectifications so that the said provisions are used judiciously and to consider only genuine corrections in the larger public interest as given under.
The notification adds that minor changes of the provisions of outline development plan would be taken up on the basis of any court judgment with specific directions; other court directions, including quasi-judicial matters like in the mamlatdar court, such as cases under Mundcarial (Protection from Eviction) Act, 1975, Agricultural Tenancy Act, Land Use Regulations Act, 1991 etc shall also be dealt by duly following the provisions contained in Section 39 of the Goa Town and Country Planning Act, 1974. Minor alterations or changes in alignment of the road when conditions warrant such changes and deletion of roads on special circumstances when construction of such roads is not practically feasible could be taken up on public interest.
Another condition put is that the errors between original plan and the revised plan, wherein certain areas are omitted or wrongly zoned with sources saying that this is aimed at changing the zone of the land at the Panaji bus stand, which has been identified by the Corporation of the City of Panaji for its garbage segregation plant, and also the tenanted Communidade land at Bodgeshwar that is proposed to be converted into settlement for expansion of Mapusa town.
Corrections in the Taleigao ODP are aimed at seeking cancellation of some roads that were cleared by the erstwhile regime – allegedly one opposite the house of the Taleigao MLA in the fields. [NT]