Government vehicles line up at private pumps


In a bid to save almost Rs 11 per litre of diesel, the state government has allowed Government departments and Kadamba Transport Corporation to buy diesel at private retail outlets, after the Centre decided to allow oil corporations to sell diesel to bulk consumers at (unsubsidized) market rate. The Goa government’s decision has saved an average of Rs 60.60 lakh per month for the state treasury. This will decrease progressively as the retail rate inches towards the unsubsidized rate.
By far the biggest bulk consumer of diesel is the Kadamba Transport Corporation which consumes a whopping 18,000 litres of diesel a day to feed its 400-odd functional fleet. Speaking to Herald, Carlos Almeida Chairman of KTC said that the corporation itself is saving Rs 1.95 lakh per day by buying diesel from retail pumps. “If we buy diesel in bulk we will be spending Rs 11 per litre more than the retail rate. We would have to shell out an additional Rs 1.95 lakh per day on diesel which works out to Rs 7.48 crore per year, which is why the government has given instructions that all the buses should fill fuel at the private pump closest to the depot,” Carlos Almeida told Herald. The KTC used to buy diesel in bulk from various companies hitherto and used to fill their buses at pumps located within the depots. [H]