Governor calls for modern scientific research in tea industry

Governor of Goa, Mr Bharat V Wanchoo, inaugurated the India International Tea Convention (IITC) 2012, on Wednesday by lighting the traditional lamp in the distinguished presence of Mr M G V K Bhanu, IAS, chairman of Tea Board of India, Mr C S Bedi, chairman, India Tea Association/Consultative Committee of Plantation Associations, chief secretary of Assam, Mr N Das and a host of other dignitaries.

 The convention was inaugurated at Intercontinental Hotels, Rajbhag on Wednesday and will be conclude on Friday.
After the inauguration, Mr Wanchoo in his key-note address stressed on the need of tea to every Indian to sharpen their intellect from boredom after long hours of stress.  He pointed out that tea can do away heart ailments and can cure cancer.
Speaking further, Mr Wanchoo expressed joy that deliberations on tea will be held and representatives from different countries who are presently at the convention will give their inputs on the beverage. He said that the sessions will focus on India’s tea exporters. Since tea is linked with our life, cultivation of tea has achieved a role in the production activities. He also stated that only next to industries, about 1.2 million people are engaged in tea trading. “This convention will give a boost to nurture friendship and build relationship of the countries and delegates who will interact on the different aspects. All the same, they’ll learn from each other, things related to tea and its trading,” he said.  
Mr Wanchoo also harped on adoption of modern scientific methods in the cultivation of tea. He eulogised the Tea Board of India for doing a yeoman service in this regard and wished success in its endeavours.
Mr Bhanu in his short presentation emphasised on the quality of tea India produces. He said that Assam alone contributes to 50 per cent of Tea cultivation in India. Tea is an art and it needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities. He further pointed out that for substantial and healthy tea plantation, good soil, proper and systematic irrigation system, drainage and a good lay out is necessary.
During his speech, he also laid emphasis that the Tea Board is supporting the cause of its workers to keep them happy and contented, providing all the modern facilities not only to them (the workers) but for their children in particular while they pursue their higher studies. He also said that in the 11th and 12th 5 year plans, the Tea Board has laid stress to provide the basic amenities required in their life processes so that the board gets the best and quality tea products from their employees. He moreover insisted that utmost care needs to be taken to see that proper processing of tea in tea gardens and factories is done.
Also speaking on any possible adulteration of tea by tea processors in factories, Mr Bhanu said that law will take its own course on such maladies and malpractices but if found guilty, the tea board will surely cancel the licenses of such defaulters/violators.
Guest of honour, Mr N Das, chief secretary of Assam in his address appreciated all the efforts undertaken by the Tea Board of India in order to better the quality of tea in India.  He also expressed happiness over holding such a convention in Goa which will give an opportunity to stakeholders to show case the products. He said India is not only the leading producer but the highest consumer of tea in the world.
He moreover added that steps ought to be taken over the global warming phenomenon, and these changes should be taken on war-footing in collaboration with each other. [NT]