Govt devising new rules to re-allot IT Habitat land


By paying off all companies that had invested in land at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat at Dona Paula as on November 16, the government has completed the process of taking back the land and is now formulating fresh guidelines for its re-allotment.
Infotech Corporation of Goa Chairman Subhash Phaldessai said they had borrowed Rs 125 crore from the Goa Economic Development Corporation to pay off the parties that had bought land at the habitat. The total amount payable was Rs 138 crore, he informed and added, “Companies have been paid a simple interest of 10 per cent.”
Explaining on how the Corporation will move forward from now on, he said, “Now that all the money has been paid off and the land is back with the Government, we will re-allot it, but everything is still at preliminary stage. 
Definitely, we will require new and strong guidelines to ensure controversies associated with the project in the past do not arise.” 
Phaldessai said, “The guidelines to be framed will be based on the State IT policy. A consultant will be appointed to guide the government to identify genuine companies. No land will be given to real estate companies like it happened before.”
“The basic idea is to appoint a consultant to thoroughly scrutinize the companies which want to invest in IT projects. We will strictly look into their expertise, turnover and objectives,” he stated. 
Phaldessai observed that the IT companies which want to invest will be asked whether they want built-up structures or land to construct their own building as per their own designs. “Last time 20 plots were allotted. We may now increase the same to 30 plots,” he added. 
Disclosing what he had discussed with Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who also holds the IT portfolio, Phaldessai said, “Besides the 2.30 lakh sqm of land for IT companies, there was an area of 60,000 sqm marked for ancillary activities. I have verbally discussed with the CM to allow only Goans in IT to set up their enterprises on this part of the land. I will make a proposal to the Government in this regard soon.” [H]