Govt guidelines for changes in plans

The government guidelines ‘effect such minor changes/rectifications’ are as follows: minor changes/rectification of the provisions of Outline Development Plan shall be taken up on the basis of any court judgement with specific directions; other court directions including quasi-judicial matters such as cases under Mundcarial (Protection from Eviction) Act, 1975, Agricultural Tenancy Act, Land Use Regulations Act, 1991 etc shall also be dealt with by duly following the provisions contained in Section 39 of the Act; minor alterations or changes in alignment of the road when conditions warrant such changes and deletion of roads on special circumstances when construction of such roads are not practically feasible could be taken up on public interest as alteration to Development Plan; Errors between original plan and the revised plan, wherein certain areas are omitted or wrongly zoned; The correction proposed is limited to minor and technical reasons only. All such proposals shall have pre approval of the Government. [H]