Govt lashes out at K’taka protestors for roadblock


The Goa government has lashed out at the Karnataka protestors, who blocked the Majali-Karwar road to oppose State’s decision to levy entry tax on non-Goan vehicles entering the State. 
Transport Minister Ramkrishna Dhavalikar (Sudin) said the government is firm on imposing entry tax on vehicles registered outside Goa and entering the State from April 15 onwards.  
“We have to maintain our well motorable and hot mix roads. For this, we require funds. We are not seeking alms,” he told Herald. 
The minister also said that Karnataka locals should first succeed in removing taxes and tolls on vehicles levied even within the State and more so, improve their road condition. 
“Our roads even to the beaches are in good condition. Have you seen their roads? People cannot even walk. Their road from Anmod to Belgaum is shabby…They (Karnataka) have no right to protest…” he said. [H]