Govt looking for ‘favourable’ Lokayukta candidate: Cong


Congress has charged that BJP-led government has delayed the appointment of Lokayukta in order to find a candidate ‘favourable’ to the government. 
Addressing a press conference Thursday, Congress spokesman Sudip Tamhankar said that if the government is serious about appointing Lokayukta, it should approach the Supreme Court and request to suggest suitable candidates for the post. 
“BJP government says that they are not able to find a suitable candidate basically because they are looking for a candidate of their ‘choice’, who will act as per the wish,” Tamhankar alleged. 
The Congress spokesman has announced that Congress wishes to take Dattaram Bhave suicide case before Lokayukta along with illegal recruitment of 29 Motor Vehicle Inspectors in Transport Department. 
Bhave, who was assistant geologist with Mines Department, committed suicide in his home town, Ponda, in September 2012, following his suspension for alleged role in illegal mining. 
Lashing out at BJP for their claim that transport operator turned Congressman is one of the biggest u-turner of 2012, Tamhankar said that “Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, made 32 U-turns on various issues, including his biggest U-turn to ally with MGP prior to State elections”. 
He said that Parrikar, during his tenure as Leader of Opposition, was seen targeting Dhavalikar brothers (Sudin and Deepak) for the mess in Transport Department and Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited. 
“He joined hands with these two corrupt leaders for his political benefit. This was a biggest U-turn of 2012,” he stated. 
Congress on Sunday had termed the year 2012 as ‘year of Parrikar’s U-turn’
. They cited a total of 32 U-turns on issues ranging from mining, grants to English medium primary schools, infrastructure development, etc since coming to power in March 2012. [H]