Govt to tell employees with false documents to quit or retire


 Government employees, who produced false documents while securing jobs, will now have to either resign or opt for voluntary retirement.
The proposal moved by personnel department is likely to come up for before the cabinet this week.
Personnel department observed that some government servants secured government employment by declaring false confirmatory and documentary evidence regarding the date of birth which makes them either ineligible for the job or gives them additional service benefits thereby depriving genuine persons of a job.
The government has taken a serious view of the same and to discourage such acts, it has decided to give such employees this opportunity without taking any punitive action or initiating criminal proceeding against them.
The government has also decided to initiate appropriate disciplinary and criminal proceedings against such government servants who don't resign or take VRS within the stipulated time.
Government servants will have to submit the factual position of their status to department heads so that the competent authority may advise them further. [TOI]