Govt told to prepare list of devasthans having income above Rs 2 lakh


The High Court of Bombay at Goa has disposed of a suo motu writ petition with directions in a case relating to devasthans.
The court has directed the state government to prepare a list of devasthans which have income of above ` 2,00,000 per year.
“Though the regulations refer to the Devasthans having income above ` 5,000 per year, taking into consideration the devaluation of the rupee, in our view, an amount above ` 5,000 per year, would be a minimal amount and, therefore, we deem it appropriate to direct the state government to prepare a list of Devasthans having income above ` 2,00,000 per year,”  the court has said.
The court has also directed the state government to find out whether such devasthans have submitted the duly audited accounts for approval of the administrator/mamlatdar.
The court has also said in its directions that further steps should be taken to take action against such Devasthans which have failed to submit the audited accounts. The affidavit-in-reply which has been filed by the state, does not give particulars regarding the action taken by the state government and, therefore, we direct that the state government shall, accordingly, ensure that the Devasthans which have income above ` 2,00,000 per year submit the audited accounts.
The court has further directed that 3 per cent of the receipts of these devasthans should be paid to the state government in terms of Article 54(8) of the Devasthan Regulation regularly, to maintain the books of accounts and to get them audited.
The court has also said in the directions that so far as the Communidades in the state of Goa are concerned, the provisions of the Code of Communidades should be strictly complied with. [NT]