Govt yet to make public transport women-friendly


Government seems to be moving at snail’s pace in delivering its promise of safe public transport for women in Goa, even as women commuters continue to face harassment in buses.  The Goa government had made series of announcements to ensure women-friendly public transport system including increase in the number of reserved seats for women, after Delhi. The State has around 1400 private buses and 380 Kadamba Transport Corporation buses. 
Speaking to HERALD, Director of Transport Arun Dessai admitted that the department is yet to implement measures such as increasing number of seats for women in buses, installation of CCTV cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS), ID cards for conductors and drivers and display of boards in buses with basic information including helpline number. 
After almost one-and-half month, government has introduced the helpline number ~1091 and a 24×7 help desk at all police stations to help women in distress.
But there is not much progress on the transport front and women commuters continue to complain of conductors’ rude behaviour, reserved seats occupied by male commuters, overcrowding where women are often pushed, touched by conductors and commuters. [NT]