Gradual increase in suicides in Sattari taluka

Suicidal deaths are gradually increasing in Sattari, the remotest taluka of Goa, according to trends from the last two years.

In the last 9 months itself there have been 12 cases recorded at the Valpoi police station. Sources said mental stress, frustration, personal grief, failure to cope with situations, unexpected problems are some of the reasons for the spurt in suicide cases.

Valpoi PI Ramesh Gaonkar said, "In 2010, there were 11 cases, while 2011 saw 12 cases of suicidal deaths in the taluka. From January 2012 to date already 12 cases of suicidal deaths have been recorded."

He pointed out that with alcoholism a serious issue in the taluka, there were also cases of men committing suicide because they couldn't satisfy their wives sexual desire.

Youth too are resorting to ending their lives. On April 21, Shweta Joshi from Hedode and on August 5, Arjun Mainkar from Bagwada, Morlem, allegedly committed suicide.

Both were students of the government college at Sanquelim and in both cases personal grief caused them to take the drastic step, said sources.

Sonam Gondlekar, a psychologist from Mapusa, said, "Relationship break-ups and academic pressure from parents and teachers are often the reasons why youngsters commit suicide. They appear to want quick solutions to their problems."

Recently Uttam Deu Gawde, a youngster from Padeli in Bhironda, who was suffering from an illness, allegedly committed suicide.

Kalidas Ghatwal, the North Goa district coordinator for Nehru Yuva Kendra, Panaji, involved in organizing youth camps for over a decade in various villages of Sattari, told STOI, "There is an urgent need to conduct counselling workshops for youth in schools and colleges to build their confidence and discourage them from resorting to such extreme measures. Suicide is a mental illness and needs to be dealt with on priority basis."

Sattari-based Chandrakant Shinde, a volunteer with a social organization and a teacher by profession, said, "There is a need to have counselling sessions for youth in Sattari who are in distress and in need of emotional support. Schools and youth organizations should spread awareness to discourage youngsters from taking the drastic step of ending their lives." [TOI]