Gravy Tongue

Gravy Tongue

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 1 beef tongue, cleaned and skinned
Use ½ bunch coriander leaves
Use 1 packet tomato puree or boil 4 tomatoes and run through mixer
Use 4 onions
Use Vinegar to taste
Use 10 cloves
Use 2 capsicums
Use 12 flakes garlic
Use 1 piece ginger
Use ½ tsp turmeric powder
Use Pinch of cumin
Use 5 cardamoms
Use Maggi cube, optional
Use 10 kashmiri chillies
Use 1 tsp coriander seeds
Use 6 peppercorns
Use 3 pieces of cinnamon


Cut the tongue into small pieces. Salt and keep aside. Roast all thew spices except coriander leaves, capsicum and turmeric powder. Grind all the spices along with coriander leaves and capsicum to a fine paste. Saute the onions in a pressure cooker, add the meat, tomato paste, ground masala, maggi cube and pressure cook for 45 minutes. Remove from fire. Add vinegar, cook for another five minutes.