Green light to 400 posts for special forest guards


The cabinet on Wednesday approved the creation of 400 posts of special forest guards from wildlife proximity zones for providing round-the-clock forest protection and conservation.
At the post-cabinet conference, chief minister Manohar Parrikar told mediapersons that local communities in the vicinity of the forests have been neglected in forest management and this has disturbed the sense of ownership and protection of forests that existed among the local communities before. Their decreased access to forest resources has also made the survival of these communities difficult.
It is therefore desirable to deploy local people to man the forest areas round the clock for effective regulation and involvement of local people in forest protection, Parrikar said.
With this in mind, the government has drawn up a scheme called the "scheme for round the clock protection of forest and wildlife treasures under the wildlife and forest talukas in the state of Goa – 2012." The objectives of this scheme are several; to protect and conserve the rich forest and wildlife treasures from destruction; to partner with and involve local communities in the conservation and sustainable management of forests by recruiting 'special forest guards' within wildlife sanctuary area and from forest taluka in Goa for round the clock forest protection and conservation and to curb any illegal felling of trees, poaching, etc.
Parrikar said that 70% of the posts will be reserved for the community living within the 'wildlife proximity zone' and 30% will be filled from within the forests talukas like Sattari, Canacona and Dharbandora. [TOI]