Green toilets for clean tourism, says Parulekar


The Minister for Tourism, Mr Dilip Parulekar, said that green practices in Goa’s hospitality and tourism industry are being implemented through eco-friendly toilets that are proposed to be set up in the beach belt of the state.
Mr Parulekar speaking at the conference on ‘Next Wave of Green Practices,’ organised by CII-Goa, said that these toilets that are also known as chemical toilets are absolutely essential for the benefit of tourists who visit the beaches.
Other areas, the minister pointed out where tourism could go green were in garbage disposal and also in “being plastic free.”
“Although Goa has less of garbage as compared to other states, the rate at which it is being generated is a cause for concern as also methods of its disposal,” he added. 
The day-long CII seminar began at 9.30 in the morning and ended in the evening with several speakers from government as well as private sector expressing their views.
Speaking at the seminar, Mr Pradeep Bhargava, chairman of CII, Western Region, said that Goa has a big advantage over other states in implementation of green practices.
One of the biggest plus points is its small size thanks to which “the government can put its hands around the stakeholders, identify the problem and then tackle it effectively,” the chairman of CII added.
Mr Bhargava pointed out that in the different stages of industrial development the debate has always been on varying topics. For instance,  quality versus quality, efficiency vis-à-vis ethics and more recently on development vis-à-vis environment. However being green is a compulsion in today’s times with the aim of “keeping something for the next generation.” Thus even at individual level, people could contribute towards a greener future by sustainable practices like reducing energy consumption etc.
The seminar conducted in sessions focused on different topics like green manufacturing and green energy. Key speakers were Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, managing director, GSIDC and commissioner of CCP, Mr Pradeep Banerjee, executive director, Supply Chain, HUL. From the tourism industry in Goa, prominent speakers were Mr Ralph De Souza, past president, TTAG, Mr Francisco Braganca, president of TTAG and Mr Nikhil Desai, director tourism.
The CII seminar intended to bring together industry leaders from several Indian manufacturing companies, across sectors, which have transformed their manufacturing process on a sustainable path through innovative designs, technology and engineering.
Green practices according to CII can be simply defined as sustainable industrial activity using green energy, selling green products through the use of green processes. [NT]