As a groom, it is not just that you should look refreshed, but feel it too.  But the well-groomed look is not something  that comes with a wave of your fairy godmother's wand – unless you're Cinderella, of course.

It takes weeks of trial and error, choosing  and preparing until you come up with a look that's perfect for you.
So where do you begin?  At the top, of course.

Hair has long been seen as a woman's crowning glory.  But ever since those long-haired guys from Liverpool hit the scene, it's the men with their snazzy haircuts that have been turning heads.

It takes hair about two weeks to settle into a new style, so  DO NOT cut it at the last minute!  Do it at least a fortnight in advance.

So you've never used a conditioner before? :  
For that healthy, shiny, smooth look: first shampoo the hair and rinse it with water.  Then apply conditioner all over.  Wait for a couple of minutes and then rinse the hair well  till all the grease and soap are removed.  

An excellent cleanser  that contains protein  that  adds body to your hair is the white of an egg. Apply the egg-white about half an hour before shampooing it off.

Another good conditioner is Henna, applied once a week.
If your hair is greasy, it should be washed on the day of the wedding.  If dry, the day before.

While at the hair-dresser's you could go in for a facial.  This stimulates surface circulation , making you both look and feel good.  A facial mask will help tone and clear the skin.

Before shaving, wash your face with hot water before applying shaving cream. This softens your facial hair and makes shaving easier – saving you  nicking yourself and bleeding your way through the wedding ceremony!
Besides your usual shave in the morning, have another about an hour before you  start to dress.

After-shave is refreshing and soothes the skin, but can make it dry.  If your skin is basically dry, apply some moisturiser  after washing  your face.  If greasy,  use a skin tonic and astringent. 

You look in the mirror and the prospect pleases: all but the two tired and dull eyes looking back at you.

No crying matter.  Just put a few drops of eye lotion,  lie down and cover your eyes with cottonwool soaked in rose water, for ten minutes or so.

The day before the wedding, besides your facial,  you could treat yourself to a pedicure and foot massage; and a manicure. Catholic groom, especially, do not present a  fingernail fossilised with car or bike grease for your bride to slip the ring over!

And now it's time for your bath.  Pay special attention to the hands and feet, if they haven't been pedi-mani-cured.  Scrub the heels with a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin. After your bath  dust talcum powder  all over your body, including  between your toes.  Apply lotion on the hands.   
Use a good anti-perspirant or deodorant  that will not let you down on the long  day ahead.  A vest  with sleeves, preferably of cotton, will help as a 'dress shield'.
Choose a cologne that has a light and subtle fragrance, and does not clash with your after-shave.
And one that will linger on long after the last guest has gone.
Your carriage awaits, Prince Charming…. Go out and slay them!

By Roxanne Martins