Group of BJP legislators wants change in leadership

A group of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislators in the state assembly has come out with a demand that the present leadership of the party controlling the government be replaced. The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar currently heads his party’s legislator wing in the state assembly.
The newly elected state BJP president, Mr Vinay Tendulkar brushed aside this reported ‘rebellion’ in the state unit of the party as mere rumours. However, confirming the in-party differences, a senior party leader said that a couple of legislators have been making some noise.
"I have knowledge of such activities. However, these MLAs are not able to tell us who should be the replacement for the current state leadership," the senior party leader said, dismissing the so-called demand of the group of legislators as ‘foolish talk.’ The leader further said that presently there is no person in the party with the exception of Mr Parrikar, who is even reasonably good to run the state.
Speaking further, the senior party leader said that the state BJP unit has many honest, dedicated and committed people, but then running the state administration is a different ball game. "Not everyone who is honest, dedicated and committed can handle the responsibility," the leader quipped.
The senior party leader also revealed that the closure of the state mining industry is the main reason for the legislators in the group to come out with their demand for leadership change. "You will find the roots of their demand in the present scenario of the mining industry in Goa," the leader reiterated, adding that if not for the anti-defection law, these legislators would have left the party
long ago.
When asked about the names of these legislators, the senior party leader refused to divulge their names. Incidentally, the four BJP legislators namely M/s Pramod Sawant, Nilesh Cabral, Subhash Faldesai and Ganesh Gaonkar have in the past lobbied with the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar to allow legal mining activities to resume in the state, despite the strictures of the Shah Commission. [NT]