GSAI demands seafarer cell in state


Criticizing the National union of seafarers India (NUSI) for failing to act in the interest of the welfare of the seafarer society in Goa, the Goa Seamen Association of India (GSAI) has demanded that the state government create a seafarer cell and that the captain of ports be assigned the task of running its affairs.
"Recently NUSI has offered financial assistance to a broke shipping company in Mumbai but yet, despite several appeals from the seafarer community in Goa, NUSI is not interested giving assistance to retired seafarers in Goa when in fact, it is their hard earned right," alleged Michael Beny da Costa, secretary, GSAI.
A large number of family members of retired seafarers including widows have long complained and protested against the attitude of NUSI office bearers at Khareband with some of them alleging that they had not received their pension amount of 200 for several years. [TOI]