Guv calls upon youth to focus on research


 Lamenting over the fact that today’s youth were not keen upon taking up research in areas of social and community importance, Governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo has underlined the need to encourage research in every possible sphere at the college and university levels. 
He was speaking at the symposium on Very Large Scale Integration and Embedded Systems organized by the Chowgule College in association with the Goa Chapter of VLSI Society of India at the Chowgule College, here, on Saturday.
Saying that technology has answers to many a problem being faced by people in the country, the governor called upon the entire scientific and engineering community to get to the root of the problems by making effective use of and the deployment of VLSI technology.
“It is said that necessary is the mother of invention. According to me, its father is creative and to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong or of failing,” he added.
The governor said that educational institutions in Goa are now striving to improve their quality of education. “For this, it is essential and unavoidable to integrate modern technological knowledge and devices in the learning and teaching process,” he said. [H]