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Haphazard parking at Portais & near Union Bank

Show us the way, rule and road to follow for driving, riding and parking our vehicles. We pay the road tax, traffic police fines for wrong parking for no fault of ours having no place; parking fees, charges from City Corporation of Panaji which goes in the eyes of thousands of drivers, riders, pedestrians and onlookers who are helpless to this menace.The first site shown in picture one is opposite the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier at Portais, Panjim in between three road crossings where four wheelers are seen dangerously parked without any understanding or civic sense. The four-wheelers are parked so haphazardly without checking if they block the road or making it difficult for other vehicles for smooth flow of traffic.
Even in other areas near Union Bank and Citizens Credit Co-operative Bank, Panjim where there is a inner road coming from Sao Tome, Cortin and Post Office areas connecting to the main road to the bus stand vehicles are wrongly parked which makes it difficult for one to even know which road to follow. There is neither a proper signboard on this dangerous corner turn nor a traffic police check. To put an end to this menace Government Offices concerned are urged to put this haphazard parking systematically and not spread the vehicles around the turns to avoid accidents. [H]

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