Harvalem Waterfalls


Harvalem Waterfall can be found near a small village called Sanquelim. Harvalem waterfall, cascades down from the mountains from a height of 50 meters, is not as awe-inspiring as the Dudhsagar Waterfalls spectacle, but is interesting all the same. It lies at a short distance from the regional town of Bicholim, along the road from Mayem Lake, is the village of Sanquelim. This is the place where the colonial government settled its Rajput mercenaries (known as the ‘Ranes’) in the mid-1700s and where the same mercenaries staged their successful uprisings during the 19th century.

There a Rudreshwar Temple in its vicinity. The temple holds importance for the Hindus who believe in releasing the soul on the 12th day after death. The Rock cut caves of Arvalem are another major attractions. The Government has also developed a park from which the view of the waterfall can be peacefully relished.

Harvalem Waterfalls, Goa (Photo Courtesy Goacom Team)