Heat is on, March 5 was hottest


Temperatures in the State on Tuesday touched a high of 38.7 degrees Celsius, a whopping six degrees above normal and are expected to remain high before beginning to drop over the next couple of days.
 Speaking to Herald, Dr KV Singh of the Goa Observatory of the Indian Meteorological Department admitted that March 5, was the hottest day in the year till date and that it was due to the easterlies and south easterlies that were arriving into Goa. 
“Today’s temperature was 38.7 (degrees Celsius). It is because of the easterlies and south easterlies and dry winds blowing across the Indian peninsula into Goa that the temperatures are soaring,” Dr Singh said. 
He said that the hot and dry conditions will continue for at least a couple of days before beginning to drop marginally. 
“By the March 7 we should see the temperatures stabilize,” Dr Singh said adding there was no hope of temperatures dropping as long as the winds continue. 
The State also witnessed a minimum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius which is one degree below normal. 
According to the weather forecast, the expected high for March 6 is 38, while for March 7 is 36.
The State has been reeling under a heat wave with high temperatures for almost a week now. However, night temperatures continue to be cool with the extremities of the weather being blamed on the dry air that is blowing across. 
However, despite lower than normal humidity ‘partly cloudy skies’ are expected over the next two days. With summer still some time away and an unforgiving drought hitting the Deccan plateau, summer is expected to be searing.  [H]