Heavy vehicles defy ban, ply in Margao town

Even though  a ban has been imposed on the movement of heavy vehicles within the Margao town limits during peak hours, trucks and other heavy vehicles can be seen moving about on certain roads — station road, Cine Lata road, Khareband road causing traffic jams.
As per the orders of District Magistrate, no heavy vehicles can enter the town between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The heavy vehicles which remain parked on roads to unload the goods cause traffic congestion and policemen remain mute spectators to the whole scenario. There are no traffic police personnel deployed to check their entry.
Some marble and stone industries are located away from the town and trucks plying on these roads to deliver the materials also cause  traffic congestions at Davorlim, St Jose Areal and Fatorda.
During the peak hours, these areas are heavily congested with ordinary vehicular traffic and the trucks only add to the chaos.
The traveling time has gone up drastically said one employee of a company, adding the authorities should ensure that the rules are strictly enforced. [NT]