High drama as Fomento rejects thermocol waste


High drama unfolded at the Sonsodo waste dumping site on Wednesday noon after Fomento Green refused to accept thermocol waste at the site.
Two municipal trucks load of thermocol waste arrived at the Sonsodo site after collecting the waste from SGPDA’w wholesale fish market. The trucks were stopped from entering the Sonsodo site upon instructions from Fomento Green CEO Sridhar Kamat, who maintained that the site cannot accept non-conforming waste at the site.
Left with no option, the two Municipal trucks then headed back to the wholesale fish market and unloaded the waste. Questions are raised as to who issued the instructions to the Municipal workers to load the thermocol waste in the trucks despite knowing that Sonsodo cannot accept such non-conforming waste. 
When contacted, Sridhar Kamat said he refused to accept the thermocol waste since it cannot be treated by the solid waste management plant. Secondly, he said that Fomento has already stopped open dumping at Sonsodo since December last.
He has lodged his strong protest with MMC Chief Officer Sandhya Kamat over the Civic body’s move to dump thermocol at Sonsodo.
Replying to a question, he said thermocol waste generated at the wholesale fish market should be treated by the people who bring the waste from other states. “They should be told to take back the waste to its place of origin”, he added.  [H]