Highway waste collection tender to be floated by February 20: Parrikar


Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that a short-term tender was being floated by February 20 to initially collect garbage from highways and then from state roads. The tender would become operational by March 15. “Tender will be to remove all plastic and other garbage (except debris) along highways,” the chief minister said, adding that there will be stations along the highways for people to dump their garbage. “The cleaning will be done upto 20 mts from the edge of the road,” he said. 
Garbage being dumped along highways is a major problem in the state and the government had initiated a departmental cleaning of garbage along highways. The teams collected at least 12 tons of garbage.  The chief minister also said that the government would set up plots in every taluka where debris had to be dumped. At present construction debris is seen lined up all along road sides. “For debris a plot will be allotted to every municipality and panchayat. This will be the official site for contractors to dump debris. Each site will be 10-15000 sq mts,” Parrikar said. “It will be made compulsory. Tax will also be levied. But that is not yet finalized,” he said. [NT]