Hike in excise duty on liquor proposed


With the revenue from mining shrinking due to suspension of mining in the state, the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, had to resort to finding other sources of revenue generation and he has sought to increase excise duty marginally on Indian made foreign liquor and beer (other than milk punch and wines)
manufactured in  Goa and imported from rest of India or from outside India and sold in the state.
To ensure that the used bottles of liquor and beer were not strewn around, the government has come out with a new idea and made a proposal to charge an extra amount of 12.50 per cent of the amount of the liquor or beer, which would be refunded if the bottles are returned.                                                                                                            
Besides, to ensure that manufacturing units or importers who obtain import or export permits and thereafter seek their cancellation, the government has proposed to levy a cancellation fee of `5,010 as against `1,000 earlier. The government has also proposed to allow only two cancellations per year and exemptions would be granted with prior approval of the government.
The government has also proposed to alter transfer fee structure, applicable for the transfer of various licences from one person to another from the same family at 10 per cent of the processing fee chargeable. Besides, the government has increased the transport permit fee to carry duty paid bottles for personal consumption from `10 to `20, per permit. The government expects to collect `253 crore as revenue from various provisions from the department. [NT]