HIV does not dampen child’s aspirations


 Varun, 12, appears like any other child his age. He attends regular school and aspires to be an engineer one day. Yet, he can't be counted among those millions of children who on completing their education, will go into the profession of their choice, become parents and grow old.

Varun's case is different because he is HIVpositive. At his age and oblivious of his life threatening condition Varun wants to excel in his studies brushing aside the occasional bout of illness.

"I'm studying in class IV," he told TOI. His mother Radha corrected him saying, "He is in class I studying in the English medium."

Radha came to Goa from Karwar with her two sons to avail of anti-retroviral therapy (ART). Varun who had studied up to class IV in the Kannada medium was admitted to class I in a boarding school in Goa where the medium of instruction is English.

"He didn't know English when he came last year but he is catching up fast," his proud mother said. [TOI]