HJS organises webinar on management of temples

Panaji: A special webinar organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the topic ‘Why is secular government controlling Hindu temples?’ came out with the observation that temples takeover by secular government is like handing over management of temples to the atheists.

Head priest of Chilkur Balaji temple in Bhagyanagar, Hyderabad, C S Rangarajan; the president of ‘People for Dharma’ from Kerala, Shilpa Nayar; senior lawyer of the Supreme Court, Kiran Bettadapur, and the national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Ramesh Shinde participated in the webinar.

This programme was witnessed on YouTube and Facebook live by more than 52,000 viewers and reached more than 1,80,000 people.

Speaking on the occasion, Shinde informed that to propagate Dharma from temples, a nation-wide campaign ‘Temple and protection of culture movement’ is being started.

Rangarajan said that due to appointment of the government officers in the temples, the devotion and bhav – spiritual emotion – is on the decline and to teach the path of devotion, the temples need to be secure. Bettadapur, who is representing legal battles against government take-over of the temples said, “Vidhan Soudha, the assembly building in Bengaluru is erected on the land measuring 60 acres and belonging to Prabhu Arali Muneshwara Temple.”

“The government usurped the land and erected Vidhan Soudha there,” he observed, pointing out that in Karnataka, 35,000 temples have been taken over by the government, and the temple money is being misused.

Nayar alleged that secular communist government in Kerala is interfering in religious rights of Hindus, and due to the negligence of the secular government, lakhs of acres of temple land have been usurped.

“In order to stop such incidents, management of temples should be handed over to devotees,” she demanded.

On this occasion, a website of Sanatan Sanstha in the Malayalam language – Sanatan.org was inaugurated. [NT]