Honda Cars’ Sr VP visits customer at Aquem


Honda Cars India Ltd has organized extensive home visits to its existing customers in key Tier 1, 2 and 3 markets by the company’s senior Japanese executives, as part of its initiative to connect with the customer and understand their needs and aspirations.
Sr VP and director, sales and marketing, Honda Cars India ltd, Shigeru Yamazaki descended in Margao on Wednesday noon and interact with a customer, Ajeya Mehta at Aquem. 
Says Shigeru: “This program is a part of Honda’s commitment to deliver quality customer service and is determined to build and sustain an emotional connect with Indians across states, languages and cultures. The feedback will not only help in understanding our customers, but also in generating world-class services for existing as well as future offerings. In the run up to our future launch of Honda Amaze, we’d like to reiterate our promise of durability and reliability in all we do, be it our products, manufacturing systems or after-sales service”.
He added “In line with our customer centric approach, we have introduced the 7-star assurance program for Honda Brio, which is tailored to offer the entire range of after sales services in form of assured low cost and reliable maintenance package”. [H]