Hotel told to pay for selling packaged water above MRP


Coming down heavily on unfair trade practices, the North Goa District Consumer Redressal Forum has directed a Panjim-based vegetarian restaurant to pay a total amount of Rs 15,000 as compensation for selling bottled mineral water above the maximum retail price to a local customer. 
The Forum passed the verdict taking cognizance of a complaint filed by Mandrem resident who alleged that the restaurant overcharged him by Rs six for a packaged drinking water. 
He hence had to pay Rs 20 while the actual price on the bottle was Rs 14. The complainant had submitted the bill of purchase dated May 22, 2011 to the Forum. 
The Forum president Sanjay Chodankar and member Varsha Bale observed that the restaurant adopted unfair practice to earn more without giving any services to the complainant. 
The order directs to pay an amount of Rs 10,000 to the complainant for the mental agony he suffered and costs of Rs 5,000. Besides this, restaurant management has been also asked to refund to the additional Rs six the complainant had paid against the purchase of the bottle with an interest at 12 percent per annum from the date of purchase till the final payment. [H]