House damaged in cylinder blast


A family of four residing in a rented house at Bendwadda-Sanguem had a lucky escape after a domestic gas cylinder exploded, damaging major part of the house.
The incident took place at midnight a couple of hours after the family comprising mother and three minor children had gone to sleep. While the four were fast asleep, the mother got some burnt smell and immediately woke up her three children and rushed out of the room.
Few minutes after the family had left the room, the room was gutted in fire and a loud explosion occurred damaging almost everything which was inside the house including the roof tiles.
Sources informed that the family had procured a new gas cylinder and had kept it inside the bedroom.
Clothes, bed, school books, uniform, electronic items and all other utensils were totally damaged.
A fire brigade was reportedly called to put off the fire, but the fire was put off by the neighbours before the arrival of the fire brigade.
The family is reported to have suffered losses to the tune of over Rs 1.50 lakh. Those who had lucky escape were Vinodini Naik, Priya Naik (13), Pritesh Naik (2) and Priti Naik (4).
Sources informed that Vinodini’s husband recently shifted to Gujarat for employment after he was rendered unemployed due to shutting down of an iron and steel factory at Costi-Sanguem.
Sources at Sanguem Police claimed the incident to have occurred due to short circuit. [H]