Housewives benefit scheme from Friday


The much- talked-about, Griha Aadhar Scheme (housewife allowance) of the government, under which every eligible housewife is entitled to receive  Rs  1,000 a month, would be implemented from January 4, onwards, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Monday. 
Rubbishing rumours that the scheme is hit by financial constraints, Parrikar said “procedural lapses, delayed the implementation”. 
Speaking to media persons,  the chief minister said that the people living along the mining belt are been given preference, as their livelihood is hit due to mining ban in Goa, since September. 
Since the announcement of the scheme in October, the Social Welfare Department has received 12,000 applications which are being scrutinized. The housewife is entitled to receive benefits of the scheme, provided the annual income of the family doesn’t exceed Rs 3 lakh.
Also, the applicant has to be a resident of Goa with minimum stay of 15 years. The government has decided to sanction 15,000 applications a month at a cost of Rs 1.50 crore. [H]