Housing project in Majorda under fire


Now, Costa Waddo of the village panchayat of Majorda-Utorda-Calata are up in arms against a housing project proposed in their locality.
That the villagers are opposed to the project consisting of nine bungalows with a swimming pool became evident on Friday when they demanded for scrapping of the project on several grounds.
 An inspection of the road by the village panchayat revealed that there’s no six meter road on the ground, with the villagers calling for the scrapping of the project on this ground itself. “There is no six-meter road on the site. What is shown on the plan is wrong. There cannot be any project without a road,” the villagers asserted, while demanding that the panchayat reject the project.
The villagers also took objection to the widening of the RDA road, demanding to know from the panchayat to clarify whether the road is widened by the panchayat or PWD. They have demanded reverting back the road to its original three meter width and have called for necessary legal action on the contractor or authorities for the widening work.
“Costa Waddo is a small ward having 63 houses belonging to the locals. The housing project consisting of nine bungalows will not benefit the villagers, but will result in influx of migrants and non-Goans. There is a huge housing project already existing nearby, just 10 meters away, separated by road of three meters width, occupied by nearly 95 per cent non-Goans. There’s a hotel run by a foreigner at a distance of approximately 100 meters from the project”, the villagers told the Sarpanch in a signed petition.
They questioned the Sarpanch Moses Vaz on the existing infrastructure, saying the project will bring unbearable burden on the ward, result in changing the demographic set up. [H]