Housing society’s illegal work foiled by Chimbel locals


Attempts to divert overflowing sewage from a housing society into a storm water drain were foiled by Chimbel locals, when they stopped the road-digging work late Friday evening and drove away labourers engaged in the work near Our Lady of Livra Febres Chapel.
The housing society accused of the sewage has assured to build a new septic tank, but the process could take months as funds have to be collected from the flat owners.
After stopping the work on Friday evening, locals gathered again at the spot on Saturday and demanded that authorities take immediate action in the matter, as there is a fear of water contamination since the sewage gets stagnant near the water pipeline, where the valve is located.
The locals have also expressed fear that the sewage water will ultimately flow into the nearby fields and damage the crops, just as it had happened at Indira Nagar.
Speaking to Herald, John Pereira informed that some labourers were engaged in road digging work, late Friday evening, in an attempt to divert the stagnant sewage into the storm water drain. 
“I immediately told them to stop the work and drove them away as the sewage would ultimately flow into the fields and damage the crop,” he added.
Another local Lourdes Conception informed that the sewage water gets stagnant near the water pipeline and there is every chance of contamination, which could prove catastrophic to the health of the people.
He further said that the Aman co-operative housing society should be forced to build a new septic tank so that the problem is solved permanently.
Eulalio Braganza informed that he has cultivated crop in his field only recently. “If sewage water is allowed to pass through the storm water drain, it will damage my crop and those of other farmers and render the fields uncultivable in the future,” he said.
When contacted, Aman Co-operative Housing Society Chairman Kishore Kudnekar informed that he is seized of the matter and trying his best to solve the problem, since he has taken over as chairman seven months back.
“At present, the society is facing a cash crunch due to which there is a delay. The society has already directed all 52 flat owners to contribute Rs 10,000 each to build a new septic tank, the cost of which comes to around Rs 6 lakh,” said Kudnekar.
Kudnekar blamed the builder for the current problem and also authorities like the PWD, TCP and health departments for passing the project without examining whether the septic tank would be able to cater to the needs of 52 flat owners.
He, however, assured that the problem would be solved within the next few months as the work on a new septic tank would begin no sooner the flat owners contribute money. [H]