How to Cut A Mango


Step 1: Preparation Selecting a mango that is firm but slightly yielding when squeezed, start by determining where the stone lies inside the mango. A mango is not round, it is usually a slightly flattish oval shape. It will have a hard flat stone that lies in the middle of the fruit parallel to the flatter sides of the mango. Using a sharp fruit knife, cut horizontally across the length of the fruit, cutting in a slight arc away from the centre so that you are cutting around the stone. You should now have one half which contains the stone slightly larger than the other. ——————————————————————————–
Step 2: Mango cubes Take the half of the mango which doesn't contain the stone, and cut into the flesh in diagonal lines to create a lattice effect. Cut all the way to the skin, but be careful not to cut through the skin. Then simply turn the skin inside out so that the cubes of mango flesh protrude, and serve it like this so that the cubes can easily be removed and eaten. Either do the same with the other half of the mango, or try our second method. ——————————————————————————–
Step 3: Mango slices Using the half of the mango that still contains the stone, carefully slice the skin off, taking care not to cut away too much of the fruit. Then cut narrow slices across the fruit, cutting all the way to the stone. You should then be able to lift the slices away and serve them. In order to not waste any mango, carefully cut the remaining fruit away from the stone in slices and serve them. Print these details