How To Make Aloo Paratha – Potato Stuffed Flatbread


* 3 teaspoons Oil
* 1/2 cup Water
* 2 Large Potatoes
* 1/2 Small Onion
* Finely Chopped Cilantro
* 5 Sprigs (finely chopped)
* 1 Chaat Masala
* 1/4 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder


Step 1:


Today we are making Aloo Parathas.They are lotis or parathas stuffed with potatoes, you've just got to try them.
Step 2:


Ok, we're going to start off by taking a cup of boiled potatoes and grating them.You can mash this if you want but we find that when you break the potatoes there tends to be a lot less lumps and when you're rolling out your parathas it makes it a lot easier.

Look at that, the texture is wonderful. So now when you're rolling it out it will be even. Now we are going to mix in the potatoes to the rest of our ingredients and give it a mix.

Step 3:

Mix Ingredients

The onions can go into the mix at the same time together with the masalas, dry masalas, cilantro and red chili powder. You can also add in the green chili's if you prefer those, thats fine. But we feel that the red chili powder just mixes it evenly so it's nice. Now give it a good mix so everything incorporates properly.
Step 4:


Okay, I have already actually made the dough and I'm just going to knead it one more time. This is plain chapita dough, you can find the recipe on the website.

Okay, I have already actually made the dough and I'm just going to knead it one more time. This is plain chapita dough, you can find the recipe on the website. I'm going to divide it and make equal bowls so it's easier for me. This makes sure that they are all the same size. Okay, now that the balls are ready I'm going to go ahead and divide the potato stuffing into a crust so that all of them have equal stuffing. Now you can get out our rolling pin and our pan ready to cook.

Step 5:


You need to put the flame on a medum to high heat. Once again like you do same thing to chivantis, you're going to roll up just a little bit of dry ata and you're going to roll it out. Then you're going to take one of these and stuff it, cover it, and you're just going to pinch it so it doesn't open up.

Do you have to take the excess out or is that okay?No, that's fineAnd again we're going to roll it in the dry ata and its ready to roll. Now this is going to be a little thicker consistency than regular chipathes.

I'm going to give you a mom's test, make sure it's even, no lumps. Looks good. Just wait for the pan to get hot enough for us to be able to put it on. You don't want to put it on a cold pan it's not going to cook properly otherwise.

Step 6:


Okay, our pan looks nice and hot so we're going to put our parata on. We are just going to wait till it changes color in the dough over here and it should, you know, change evenly and we are also going to look out for some bubbles. Not a whole lot because its stuffed and it's not going to have a whole lot of bubbles like chipates.
Step 7:


And now we are going to use this Pam or this spray oil but if you don't have it it's absolutely fine you can just drizzle your own oil with a spoon. I mean, this is just a little healthier way. This kind of looks done so we are going to flip it around and I'm going to take the spray and just put a little bit, there you go.That's a great idea.

And while that's cooking I'm just going to go ahead and start on the next one. If you get a nice process in place it makes the whole thing a lot faster. I'm just going to spray on this side and just let it cook on this side for a couple of minutes and then flip it around and then it should be done.

Patas are actually eaten in a lot of different things. I think everybody has their own special… I eat it with yogurt but it's one of those things where it's kind of got the vegetables and the chipate all in one so it's really great on the go.You can also have it with pickle, you can have it with….well you can also have it with vegetables. This one is ready to go.

Step 8:


And this looks just about cooked. Right? Evenly cooked on both sides. You want to make sure that there's no doughy look on either side before you take it off the stove. And you're also going to put it in this insulated container. There you have it, aloo parathas.