How To Make Avocado Salad


* 1 Avocado
* 1 Medium Tomato
* 3 Stocks of Green Onion
* 1 Green Chili
* 1/2 teaspoon Roasted Cumin Powder
* 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper Powder
* 5 sprigs Cilantro
* Lemon Juice


Step 1:

Avocado Preparation

Today, we’re going to show you how to make simple, delicious avocado salad.

We’re going to start off with a nice ripe avocado. You can usually press it a little and if the skin gives, and you know it’s ripe. And then you slice it down the middle.

Just peel it. If it’s really ripe, it peels off very easily. Now, we’re going to chop the avocado. You want to keep nice pieces as you don’t want it mashed like guacamole. We're going to keep this avocado to one side.

Step 2:

Mix Ingredients

We’re now going to add our green onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and this cumin powder to a bowl. This mix together with the black pepper is what gives it the really nice smoky flavor. Very exotic!

We’re now going to give it a good stir before we add the avocado in, because we don’t want the avocado to get mashed. Ok, let’s mix this up a little bit. We can also add the salt and lime juice. Mix the ingredients a little more. Now, add the avocados and lightly mix.

Step 3:


This avocado salad recipe tastes best if you make it and keep it for about half an hour. In this time, the onions and tomatoes will have time to marinate and the lemon juice. Guacamole has its own nice flavor but this is more of a salad and it can be used with Indian food unlike guacamole.

Step 4:


Right, it’s like an Indian salad with a twist. It’s as simple as that. It’s delicious and it’s very healthy. Well both of us like our food hot. So we’re going to add some green chilies in there but they’re totally optional.

Well join us again on another episode of “”Anuja: And add a bit of spice to your life.