How To Make Bacon Wrapped Monkfish


* quarter of an onion finely chopped
* 2 cloves of garlic chopped
* 6 porcini mushrooms or any other kind, 4 roughly chopped and 2 sliced in half
* 4 Tbsp olive oil
* 3 tomatoes chopped
* 4 Tbsp pernod (French anise liquor)
* 1 tsp thyme leaves
* 1 Tbsp chives finely chopped
* 25 g butter
* salt and pepper
* 300 g loin of monkfish , cut into four
* 4 slices of bacon
* 4 Tbsp olive oil
* some tooth picks
* 2 saucepans
* 1 tray
* 1 sieve
* 1 spoon
* 1 tongs
* 1 hand blender
* 1 cutting board
* 1 knife


Step 1:

Make the sauce

Into a heated pan add half of the olive oil and let it warm up. Then place the chopped mushrooms and stir in with your spoon. Then add the onions, garlic stir well to combine and allow to cook for a while.
Then add the chopped tomatoes and stir in well. Add the thyme, season with salt then pepper and mix well. Lower the heat to a gentle simmer and cook for 10 minutes.
After this time add the pernod, and cook for another five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 2:

Prepare the fish

Take the four rashers of bacon and using the large knife slice them in half. Then halve each of the loins of fish into fillets. Place a halved slice of bacon onto a flat surface, add a fillet of fish on top and roll.
Then skewer the bacon to the fish with a toothpick. Take another fillet of fish and wrap it with the bacon and skewer. Repeat exactly the same process with remaining 6 fillets.

Step 3:

Blend the sauce and strain

To get a finer, smoother sauce we now have to blend and strain the sauce. After 15 minutes place the hand blender into the pan and purée the sauce.
Then place a sieve over a smaller pan, pour in the puréed sauce and with the help of a spoon, push the liquid through. All the flavours are in the sauce now but don't discard the remaining chunky bits in the sieve.
They can be added into omelettes and stews for example.

Step 4:

Finish the sauce

Into the pan of strained puréed sauce add the butter. And using your hand blender, combine it well. The butter makes it creamier and deepens the flavour.

Step 5:

Cook the fish and mushrooms

Into a heated frying pan add a little olive oil. Then individually place the bacon wrapped fillets with your tongs into the pan. Season with a little salt and pepper and cook for 8 minutes, roughly 2 minutes each side on a medium high heat.
It is important to keep turning the fish during the cooking period as this allows the bacon to crisp and for the fish to cook thoroughly. Just before the fish is cooked add the halved porcini mushrooms, face down into the pan.
After roughly a minute or so, turn over the mushrooms to cook the other side. Then remove the fish with your tongs and place onto a tray. Finally remove the mushrooms.

Step 6:

Remove the toothpicks

Remove each toothpick from each fish fillet.

Step 7:

Mix the oil and chives

Pour in the remaining olive oil into the bowl of chopped chives and stir.

Step 8:

Finishing touches

Heap a few spoonfuls of the sauce into the centre of the serving platter. Then carefully place the fillets of fish into the sauce. Then add two halved porcini mushrooms on top and finally garnish with olive oil and chives.

Step 9:


And that's how to make Bacon Wrapped Monkfish in a Porcini Tomato Sauce the video jug way! Enjoy.